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  • A.R.E. Z2 Series Camper Shell Side window
  • A.R.E. Z2 Series Camper Shell
  • A.R.E. Z2 Series Camper Shell Rear door

Smartcap evoa Adventure

The SmartCap EVOa Adventure camper shell offers all steel side doors offering excellent security for your cargo. 

Standard Features

-Matte Black Finish

-All Metal Side Doors

-Stainless Steel Construction

-770lbs Static Roof Capacity and 330lbs Dynamic Roof Capacity

-Positive Pressure Air Vent

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  • A.R.E. urethane window
  • A.R.E. Curved rear door
  • A.R.E. heavy duty c hinges

The Z2's urethane bonding windows eliminates screws and metal frames for a more appealing look.

The Z2 Series gives a sleek and stylish look from the trimless edge, and the fiberglass tailgate strip conforms perfectly to the tailgate.

The rear door comes standard with the slam latch system and heavy-duty c-hinges. Adding a keyless entry is available for this model.

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  • A.R.E. Pop out window
  • A.R.E. Pop out window sreen




New Pop out window


The ARE Z2 now features frameless pop out windows with a screen. Add this to your shell to really make it pop!


Available Options


Front Windows: Aluminum Tilt Down Slider
  Aluminum Tilt Down
  Aluminum Framed Slider
Side Windows: Pop Out Window
Paint: OTR (Bedliner Spray Coating)
Rear Handle: Keyless Entry
Lighting: 12V LED Dome Light
  12V LED Dome & Rope Light
 Roof Rack: Yakima Tracks
  Yakima Core Bar
  Yakima Jet Stream
Interior: Clothes Hanger
  12V Power Strip


  • A.R.E. Z2 camper shell on red ford raptor


 Product Fit Chart 


Model Year

Cab Style

Bed Size

Sierra 2019+ XC/DC SB
Sierra 2019+ DC V-BED
Sierra HD 2020+ DC/XC SB
Silverado 2019+ XC/DC SB
Silverado 2019+ DC V-BED
Silverado HD 2020+ DC/XC SB
Colorado / Canyon 2023+ DC V-BED
*Colorado / Canyon* 2015-2022 DC V-BED
Colorado / Canyon 2015-2022 XC SB
Ram 1500 New Style 2019+ DC/XC/RC SB
Ram 1500 New Style 2019+ DC V-BED
Ram 2500 HD 2020+ DC SB
Ram 1500 Classic 2009-2023 DC/XC/RC SB
Ram 1500 Classic 2009-2023 DC V-BED
Ram 2500 Classic 2009-2019 DC SB
F-150 2021+ DC V-BED
F-150 2021+ XC/RC/DC SB
F-150 2015-2020 DC V-BED
F-150 2015-2020 XC/RC/DC SB
Super Duty 2017+ DC SB
Ranger 2024+ DC V-BED
*Ranger* 2019-2023 DC V-BED
Ranger 2019-2023 DC/XC SB
Gladiator 2020+ DC V-BED
Tundra 2022+ XC SB
Tundra 2022+ DC V-BED
Tundra 2007-2021 XC SB
Tundra 2007-2021 DC V-BED
Tacoma 2016+ XC/DC SB
Tacoma 2016+ DC V-BED
Tacoma 2005-2015 XC/RC SB
Tacoma 2005-2015 DC V-BED



RC = Regular Cab

XC = Extended Cab

DC = Double Cab (4 forward opening doors)

CREW = Ram Crew Cab

V-Bed = Shorter Than 6' Bed

SB = Short Bed

LB = Long Bed

*...* = Coming Soon

Charts are subject to change from manufacture. For quick reference only. 

*click here to contact us with product fit chart questions