Jeep Wrangler JL in Moab


Best Jeep Accessories for New Owners


Congratulations on becoming a proud new owner of a Jeep! Whether you're a seasoned off-roader or just getting into this hobby, there are some upgrades to your vehicle that we recommend to make your off-roading safer and more enjoyable. While style enhancement is important, we will primarily focus on accessories that improve performance over style but fortunately, the side effect of these upgrades can make your vehicle more stylish too. Please note that we will be primarily talking about Jeep's Wrangler JL model, but these accessories can apply to other models as well.


Recovery Gear And Bumpers

Recovery equipment for off-roading

One of the first things to consider when building you Jeep is creating a game plan of what to do if you get stuck. Part of that game plan needs to include what equipment to have on or in you Jeep. At the basic level a tow rope with d-rings and a friend can help you get out of most moderate situations, but for more extreme conditions a winch is imperative to free your vehicle from an obstruction. If looking to get a winch just remember an off-road bumper is required to mount the winch properly. A benefit of front and rear off-road bumpers too is that it gives you better achar points than a stock bumper. These better anchor points are helpful when you need to be towed or need to tow someone out. Lastly, a hi-lift jack can be very helpful for either changing tires or lifting the vehicle to place rocks under a tire to gain more clearance.


Off-Road Lights

LED Off-Road LightingJeep's standard headlights work great for on the road, but off-road their performance falls off. Supplementing them with high lumen LED off-road lights will make your off-roading at night not only safer but more enjoyable. They come in many different shapes and sizes and can be mounted in a variety of different places. It is important to stick to lights that are durable, water resistant, and easy to install. One feature that has been gaining popularity is amber colored lights for dusty conditions. The yellow light wavelength travels easier than white light in these conditions.


Rock Sliders


Rock Slider on Jeep


Protect the sides of your Jeep with heavy duty rock sliders. These metal guards are designed to absorb impact from rocks and other obstacles, preventing damage to the underside of your vehicle's body. Beyond protection, rock sliders can also serve as a stepping platform, making it easier to get into your vehicle or access your roof rack. They usually come in many shape and sizes that will fit your off-roading style.


Roof Rack

Jeep JL Roof RackUnlock additional cargo space and versatility by installing a roof rack to your vehicle. Whether you need extra storage for camping gear, bicycles, or a roof-top tent, a roof rack is a practical addition to any Jeep. Choose a rack that suits your needs and is compatible with various accessories like cargo baskets, bike mounts, or kayak carriers. Some require drilling into the Jeep top while others use a clamp mounting system.


Off-Road Wheels and Tires

Off-Road All Terrian Tire

Tires are very important when it comes to off-roading, but they are last here on the list because they do not necessarily need to be changed out first. Stock Jeep tires can go a long way with the right skill, allowing you to get more money out of the tires that came on the vehicle. Once those are worn out, picking up off road rims and either mud terrain or all terrain tires will help give you more traction on the difficult trails.

In the end adding these accessories in any order is up to you, but in our experience this is an efficient order to start with. Adding these accessories will not only make your off-roading fun but safer for everyone. If you are looking for any accessories for your Jeep, check out all the accessories we have to offer on our website.