Jeep Gladiator with camper shell and roof top tent


Top 5 Overlanding Equipment for Beginners


So, you just picked up your new truck from the dealership because you want to enjoy the freedom and activities that a truck offers. One of the best ways to do that is to outfit your truck for overlanding! If you are new to the off-road truck world overlanding is a form of self-reliant travel that involves exploring remote or off-road destinations, using a vehicle that is purposely builf for it. It can be as simple as dirt fire roads or as extreme as rock crawling over big boulders to get to your destination.

For beginners getting into overlanding world, here are the top five essential equipment items to consider adding to your truck.

Camper Shell

Ram truck with camper shell rack

A camper shell can be considered the core of an overlanding vehicle's accessories due to the amount of benefits it adds to your vehicle. It adds weather protection from the rain and wind as well as keeping your gear secure from any unathorized access. Shells also improve secure bed storage by increasing the cubic feet of storable space in your truck bed, however, the storage benefits do not end there. With a shell you have the ability to mount a rack on top and haul mountain bikes, kayaks, extra cargo, fishing poles, rooftop tents, and much more! Lastly, shells even offer a secure place to sleep depending on your height and truck bed length. However, one note we have is that anytime you plan to sleep enclosed in your shell, is to make sure you have proper ventilation, e.g. cracking open a window or vent.

Rooftop Tent

Toyota with rooftop tent

  1. When you get to you camping spot after a long day of driving, setting up a traditional tent can be a hassle. A rooftop tent provides a comfortable and elevated sleeping platform and mounts on the the roof, the bed, or the top of your camper shell. Most tent brands when you open them, pop up and are ready to go in just a couple of minuets. This helps eliminate the hassle of setting up and tearing down a tradional tent, making your overlanding experience more pleausreable.

Portable Refrigerator/Freezer

Dometic portable refridgerator

While overlanding its possible to go days without having access to fresh ice to keep your drinks and food cold. A portable refrigerator or freezer allows you to store perishable items and keep them fresh for longer periods, and also keeps items from getting water logged from melted ice water. Look for models that are durable, energy-efficient, and have sufficient capacity for your needs. Most models will have a 12V socket for charging the unit while you are driving.

Recovery Gear

Overland Recovery Gear

  1. When overlanding it's important to have the necessary recovery gear in case you get stuck or encounter difficult terrain. Some essential recovery equipment includes a tow strap, shackles, winch, a snatch block, shovel, and a hi-lift jack. These tools can help you get unstuck and safely navigate through obstacles or help others who are in need of assistance.

Portable Power Source

Overland portable power gear

  1. Having a reliable portable power source is essential for charging electronic devices, running lights, and powering other equipment. Consider investing in a portable power station or a dual battery system for your vehicle. A portable power station can consist of a gas generator or even a high wattage power bank. Setting up a dual battery system is a very effective way to have a power source that won't kill your primary battery, but can power all of your electronics. These systems can provide sufficient power for your needs while off-grid.

While these are essential equipment items for beginners, it's important to also consider other basic gear like navigation equipment (maps, GPS), a comprehensive first aid kit, a reliable flashlight, and adequate camping supplies (sleeping bags, chairs, stove, etc.).

Remember to always prioritize safety, do thorough research, and choose equipment that suits your specific needs and the enviroment you'll encounter during your overlanding adventures.

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