retrax tonneau cover on ram 1500

Is retrax a good bed cover?


Pick up truck owners know how versatile and useful their trucks can be. However, if you want to keep your cargo safe from the elements or prying eyes, you need a solid bed cover. There are many different brands and styles of bed covers on the market, that offer value in certain ways. Looking a cover that offers great versatility, we'll be discussing why the Retrax lineup of tonneau covers is a phenomenal choice for anyone looking for a bed cover, that offers exception quality and durability.

Looking at the construction of Retrax covers, they are incredibly strong and durable by being made from high-quality materials like aluminum and polycarbonate. These materials are lightweight but are built to withstand heavy loads and extreme weather conditions. The finishes on Retrax covers are able to withstand hot and cold temperatures, so you can trust that your cargo will be safe from the sun and the extreme cold. When it comes to rain, we never claim anything is waterproof, but Retrax covers do an exceptional job of keeping water out from the inside of your bed.

Retrax’s are also incredibly easy for anyone to use. Unlike some other tonneau covers that require you to roll-up or fold up, Retrax covers use a retractable design that allows you to easily slide the cover open or closed. With the sealed bearings the cover will give a long service life on your truck. This also means that you can access your cargo quickly, without having to deal with any cumbersome covers that are hard to open. You can even opt in for the remote retractable model that uses an electric motor to open the cover making it accessible for any size or aged person.

Another great feature of Retrax tonneau covers is that they offer excellent security for your truck’s cargo. The retractable design of the cover means that it can be locked into any position unlike most covers that only have set positions to lock in. This means if you have something that is taller than you bed height you can lock the cover up to it, making it more secure than just leaving the cover wide open.

Retrax also offers a model called the XR which allows for a cab or bed height rack to be fitted to the cover allowing you to carry bikes, kayaks, and canoes. This helps aid in your outdoor adventures while also keeping your cargo secure from theft and the elements.

retrax xr tonneau cover on ford raptor

In addition to all these great features, Retrax tonneau covers also look stylish on your truck. They have a sleek, modern design that will complement the look of any truck style. They offer a matte black finish or if you like shiny, they have a glossy finish too! On an old truck or a brand new one, a Retrax cover will make your truck look and function even better.

So if you are on the fence about a Retrax cover, in our opinion it is a great accessory to add to you truck for its pure functionality and security benefits. Its ability to be customized with its own accessories and its ability to use an electric motor make it a great investment for your truck.

Looking to pick one up? Check out our web site and find the one that best fits you!