A.R.E. Camper Shell


  • A.R.E. CX Revo camper shell on ford raptor
  • A.R.E. CX Revo camper shell on ford raptor rear view


The ARE CX Revo camper shell introduces a new style of camper shells by offering a tailgate formed glass rear door that gives a new overall appearance of your truck. 

Standard Features


-Frameless All Glass Side Windows

-Dark Gray Headliner

-Tail Gate Formed Glass Rear Door

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  • A.R.E. urethane window
  • A.R.E. cx all glass rear door
  • A.R.E. OneMotion handle

The CX Revo's urethane bonding windows eliminates screws and metal frames for a more appealing look.

The CX Revo gives a sleek and stylish look from the all glass rear door that conforms perfectly to the tailgate.

The rear door comes standard with the new OneMotion handle by ARE for easier entry. Adding a keyless entry is available for this model.

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  • A.R.E. CX Revo camper shell side window slider
  • A.R.E. CX Revo camper shell inside side window slider




Frameless Slider


The CX Revo now features frameless sliders with retractable screens that are available with or without a pet screen. Add this to increase ventilation into your shell!


Available Options


Front Windows: Aluminum Tilt Down Slider
  Aluminum Tilt Down
  Aluminum Framed Slider
Side Windows: Framless Slider
  Framless Slider w/ Pet Screen
Paint: OTR (Bedliner Spray Coating)
Rear Handle: Keyless Entry
Lighting: 12V LED Dome Light
  12V LED Dome & Rope Light
 Roof Rack: Yakima Tracks
  Yakima Core Bar
  Yakima Jet Stream
Interior: Clothes Hanger
  12V Power Strip


  • A.R.E. Cx Revo Camper Shell on red ford raptor


 Product Fit Chart 


Model Year

Cab Style

Bed Size

Sierra 2019+ DC/XC SB
Sierra 2019+ DC V-BED
Sierra HD 2020+ DC/XC LB
Sierra HD 2020+ DC/XC SB
Sierra HD 2015-2019 DC/XC/RC SB
Sierra HD 2015-2019 DC/XC/RC LB
Sierra 2014-2018 DC/XC/RC SB
Sierra 2014-2018  DC/XC/RC LB
Sierra 2014-2018 DC V-BED
Silverado 2019+ XC/DC SB
Silverado 2019+ DC V-BED
Silverado HD 2020+ DC/XC SB
Silverado HD 2020+ DC/XC LB
Silverado HD 2015-2019 DC/XC/RC SB
Silverado HD 2015-2019 DC/XC/RC LB
Silverado 2014-2018 DC/XC/RC SB
Silverado 2014-2018 DC/XC/RC LB
Silverado 2014-2018 DC V-BED
Canyon 2023+ DC V-BED
Colorado 2023+ DC V-BED
Ram 1500 New Style 2019+ DC/XC/RC SB
Ram 1500 New Style 2019+ DC V-BED
F-150 Lighting 2022+ DC V-BED
F-150 2021+ DC V-BED
F-150 2021+ DC/XC/RC SB
F-150 2015-2020 DC V-BED
F-150 2015-2020 DC/XC/RC SB
F-150 2015-2020 XC/RC LB
F-150 Raptor 2017-2020 DC/XC V-BED
Super Duty 2023+ DC/XC SB
Super Duty 2023+ DC/XC/RC LB
Ranger 2019-2022 DC V-BED
Ranger 2019-2022 DC/XC SB
Tundra 2022+ DC V-BED
Tundra 2022+ DC SB
Tundra 2022+ XC SB
Tundra 2014-2021 DC V-BED
Tundra 2014-2021 XC SB
Tacoma 2016-2023 DC V-BED
Tacoma 2016-2023 DC/XC SB
Frontier 2022+ DC V-BED
Frontier 2022+ DC/XC SB
Gladiator 2020+ DC V-BED



RC = Regular Cab

XC = Extended Cab (2 half sized doors)

DC = Double Cab (4 large forward opening doors)

CREW = Ram Crew Cab

V-Bed = Shorter Than 6' Bed

SB = Short Bed

LB = Long Bed

*...* = Coming Soon

Charts are subject to change from manufacture. For quick reference only. ARE fit charts show current and previous generation truck bodies only. For older trucks please call to check availability.

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